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Travel Outfits for Women 2023

Aug 19, 2023

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Cozy times, ahead.

While my first international trip(s) occurred before I was a preteen (thanks, Mom and Dad), I’ve been traveling on my own since I was a freshman in college and I am very much about this life. I’ve hit the Caribbean countless times (I’m an island gyal, after all). I’ve basked in a Grecian sunset. I’ve eaten the best chorizos in Mexico and most recently, I’ve discovered the best afternoon tea in London. No matter where I go, here’s one thing that remains constant: I will not sacrifice style for comfort and vice versa!

I mean, who wants to be wearing pants or undergarments that ride up when you’re on a road trip (wedgies suck!)? Who wants to be stuck in a sticky top that feels entirely too tight on a sweaty flight? Who wants to shiver all the way to their destination? And who in the world wants to make a pit stop in raggedy sweats and meet the finest human known to man?! No one! Luckily for you, we’ll avoid all this with the best travel outfits for anyone on the go. Ahead, you’ll find the essentials that won’t let you down no matter how or where you’re traveling. Bc yes, saving lives ’fits is what I do.

Told you I got you! And there’s more where that came from. Here are some trendy sunglasses, comfy slides to slip into, and travel totes that will make packing a breeze.

You absolutely, positively need a matching set that doesn’t need to be ironed—there’s no doubt about it!

Apparently, these slides are so supportive, you’ll feel like you’re walking on pillows. A reviewer said she feels like her “foot is being hugged with support.” Definitely wear this pair with a loose dress and denim jacket.

These sheer sleeves are so cool, right? A bomber jacket like this one adds a lil oomph to your dress and sneakers.

IDK about you, but I love letting my arms breathe, especially when I’m traveling someplace hot.

You’re in for a treat once you slide into this dreamy pair of pants that’ll match everything! Just ask the 700+ positive reviewers.

Spread good vibes with a crewneck and sweat shorts that pack a punch and a positive statement.

You can’t go wrong with a chic, soft-ribbed hoodie and sweatpants that everrrybody is raving about.

When the airline blanket just isn’t cutting it for you, turn to your mid-weight knit scarf from Apparis.

Switch things up with green cargo pants—that color is basically a neutral. Those pockets will make accessing your wallet and Airpods so easy too. Oh, and the drawstring waistband is also ideal for alllll the in-flight pretzels you want.

A jean jacket that’s slightly oversized and has a vintage feel is always a vibe. Wear it over a tee and jeans.

Want somethin’ a lil more elevated than your typical sweatshirt and pants? Go for this ridiculously soft, cashmere-wool blended dream. The sweater and pant combo is relaxed but somehow profesh at the same time.

If you foresee yourself jetting across the airport because you’re late and you’re just trying to make it to your gate (you risk-taker, you), you should at least be comfy and look fabulous doing so. Tory Burch trainers, to the your rescue!

Rave Review: “If they still have your size you should order these now. I wear an 8 in TB sneakers and I got these in an 8. My feet are narrow and they fit fine. If your feet are not narrow maybe try half a size up. They are so cute and different than any sneakers I have ever seen. I love sneakers and bags and am so glad I decided to order these because they were on sale. Now that I have them, I would have paid full price. Seriously, they are really cute. I typically don’t like plain white anything, how boring. But these are so fun because of the unique fabric. They look so expensive and cute.”

A pet peeve of mine is that waiting period you need to endure while everyone else boards the flight and the air conditioning isn’t on yet. A minidress like this makes conditions more bearable.

Planning on hitting the gym or going on a run once you hit your destination? Or maybe, you plan on droppin’ it low as you do squats and stretch down the aisle? (I’ve seen it done before!) Lululemon won’t let ya down.

ICYMI, Spanx makes clothes that are soooo cozy. If I were you, I’d get this jumpsuit (that’s a cult fave) ASAP.

Flat-shoe girlies, you can’t go wrong with a pair of Rothy’s. There’s tons of colors, prints, and designs, so you can look stylish without sacrificing comfort.

Omg, I cannot stress how pivotal the perf cardigan is when you’re on a flight or train that’s super cold and there’s nothing you can do about it! Get Everlane’s cotton bb and be forever warm.

Rave Review: “I admired this sweater forever and am SO glad I purchased it. I love the shorter length— it skims the top of the pockets on my ‘cheeky’ jeans. The cotton yarn feels so good, somehow both soft and sturdy. The weight of the yarn is heavier—perfect for fall layering—and I’ve worn it in a few cool evenings already. I love it!”

Yes, you do need a lounge tank. Pack one in your fave colors, bb!

We love teddy coats! Why carry a blanket when you’re already wearing one? And, like, who cares what’s underneath when your coat looks this good?!

You’re gonna wanna adjust the straps on your sandals, especially since feet naturally swell in the heat and whenever traveling for a long duration of time.

Tarah-Lynn Saint-Elien is the fashion editor at Cosmopolitan, writing weighty and witty stories that run the gamut of gushing over Zendaya to convincing you of everything you need in your closet! She began her journey in the industry with a fashion and faith blog and an internship at almost 10 years ago. Since then, she's also served as the style editor at The Haitian Times. The Haitian-American pageant queen is a Syracuse Masters graduate and the author of two books, including: Claim Your Crown. Follow her on Instagram and Twitter: @iamtarahlynn.

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