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Florists turn to Temu for affordable supplies

Aug 18, 2023

Photo by Adrienn. Provided by Pexels

Florists from coast to coast are turning to the Boston-based e-commerce platform, Temu, for their floral supply needs. This shift is propelled by the discovery of considerable cost savings, which has been a game changer for many small businesses across the United States.

Founded in 2022, Temu’s impact is keenly felt in a variety of sectors, including those involving arts and crafts. From yarn, crochet materials and art supplies to an assortment of floral arrangement necessities, Temu presents a one-stop shop for diverse creative needs.

What sets Temu apart from traditional wholesalers is its flexible purchasing model. While wholesalers usually require large bulk orders, Temu allows individuals and small businesses to buy just what they need. This, coupled with prices comparable to wholesale rates, makes Temu a popular and cost-effective choice for businesses seeking to minimize overheads and manage costs more effectively.

Chicago's Sugar and Blossom Co. is an illustrative example of a small business that has transitioned to Temu. The company took its experience to TikTok, highlighting the significant price differences in floral supplies when compared to other platforms. Wrapping paper, ribbons and cardholders — essentials for any florist — are all available at Temu at prices significantly lower than those seen on comparable platforms.

Source: Temu website screenshot

On Temu, a set of four rolls of floral tape was listed at $6.98, a foam block for floral arrangement was priced at $3.98, while 20 pieces of flower wrapping paper cost $5.98, considerably lower than the prices advertised for comparable products on other e-commerce platforms. “Definitely cheaper and the same quality,” the owner of Sugar and Blossom gushed.

The popularity of Temu isn't confined to the Windy City. Florists nationwide have been quick to voice their support for the platform, sharing their own experiences and positive feedback.

One such endorsement comes from a Houston-based florist, known on TikTok as @dailydenissedose. She invested $102.13 in Temu for 19 packets of heart-shaped chiffon paper and other bouquet wrapping materials. To put the cost savings into perspective, that same amount would have bought her only five or six packets on other e-commerce platforms.

Source: Temu website screenshot

Another florist based in Houston, Texas, known by her TikTok handle @okayyisa, operates Isabel’s Flores. She turned to Temu for her supply needs, purchasing ribbons in pink and black adorned with heart motifs, along with polka-dotted and butterfly motif variants.

In Idaho, florist Karina runs her business with the TikTok handle @heavenlybouquet and has also shared her successful shopping experiences on Temu. Among her finds were unique accessories like gold and silver crowns and stickers, all of which add a distinctive flair to her floral arrangements. In addition, plush toys, a popular item among florists for accompanying arrangements, are also frequently sought after on the platform.

Running a small, craft-based business can be a challenge, especially when it comes to buying the materials needed for their products. These small businesses often have to pay high retail prices because they don't buy in large quantities like big companies do. This makes it difficult for them to compete.

This is where platforms like Temu come in. They allow these smaller businesses to buy materials at lower prices, similar to what they would be if they were buying directly from the factory. By doing this, small businesses can save money and stand up to their bigger competitors. With the rise of online shopping, this new way of buying directly from the factory could open up a lot of opportunities for small businesses.

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