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10 of the Cutest Gender

Sep 02, 2023

For Them is a queer-founded brand working to redefine wellness for the queer and gender-expansive community. The brand specializes in creating binders with the goal of helping people feel like their most authentic selves.

“When it comes to binders, a lot of folks resort to bandages, which can be incredibly dangerous, or the one to two options on the market that left me itchy and unable to breathe on set,” Kylo Freedman, Founder and CEO of For Them says. For Them initially created a binder for comfortable, everyday wear and recently launched The Binder Max, designed for maximum compression without sacrificing safety or comfort.

“After selling 40,000 units of the original Binder and taking in direct feedback from the community about needs for more compression and more coverage, we decided to create the Binder Max,” Freedman says. The binder is patented and made from recycled materials. It comes in four colors and you can find your size using the brand’s custom size measurement chart.

“We want to take gendered language out of sizing, so rather than asking for bra or cup size, we simply ask for someone’s apex measurement and assign a numberless size to them,” Freedman says.”For instance, rather than size ‘small,’ we use ‘Amethyst’ or ‘Balance’ and continue that sizing pattern up until ‘Kindred,’ which serves 62” apex measurements. We also use photos of real folks wearing real binders so you can see how it may look on you.”