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What Firebaugh High School Bought With the Money from Buffalo

Jul 01, 2023

The Buffalo Bills are back to work on Thursday, as they team had a day off on Wednesday. Tomorrow is the annual blue vs. red scrimmage, which will be held at Highmark Stadium at 5:30 pm.

Tickets were free for the scrimmage but they have been distributed. It's a fun time for families, since this is the only time for many that they will be able to see the team in person at Highmark Stadium.

Josh Allen is the player with the most eyes on him. He's had quite a few interviews already, including with Pardon My Take (Barstool Sports) and Up and Adams with Kay Adams.

Josh decided to wear his Wyoming Football hat for the interviews, showcasing his time in College for the underrated school in Laramie.

This reminds us of the time that Josh wore a Firebaugh Eagles High School hoodie last year during camp. That caused many fans in Buffalo to want that sweatshirt, which did soon happen to meet the demand. The best part about the story is proceeds went to Firebaugh High School in California, where Josh went to school.

But what did Firebaugh do with that Bills Mafia money?

Allen told Big Cat and PFT Commentator with Barstool Sports that Firebaugh bought an A.I. robot to paint the fields at Firebaugh...Josh said his dad called him to get permission and Allen said, "of course."

Skip to the 50:30 mark.

Both Firebaugh, California and Laramie, Wyoming are adopted teams and towns for Buffalo and Bills Mafia.