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Fall Fashion Pieces to Buy Before They Sell Out

Jul 15, 2023

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I know it’s a million and one degrees outside, but I can’t help myself from daydreaming of fall days, crisp weather, and a frigid chill in the air. My absolute favorite thing about fall is—obviously—the fashion. I’ve learned to layer like it’s my job, I can spot a Dr. Marten leather loafer or Aritizia puffer from a mile away, and I’ll be damned if you catch me anywhere without my beloved wool socks on. For now, as I’m waiting for the UV index to drop beneath 10, I’ll stare longingly at my sweaters hanging up in my closet as I throw on another workout dress and call it a day.

With that being said, my Pinterest board for fall clothes has been getting a lot of action lately, leading me to browse a couple of things I have my eye on. To my surprise, everything is in stock—and I mean everything. UGG Ultra Minis, Birkenstock clogs, cashmere sweaters—all those pieces the fashion girlies were losing their mind over last year are still available, but they won’t be for long.

I’m only trying to prevent you from ripping your hair out in November and thinking to yourself, “If only I had bought that trench coat back in August…” I’ve rounded up eight highly coveted items that are guaranteed to sell out before next month, but you can still get your hands on right now. Trust me: Your future self will thank you.

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I know–trust me, I know. You probably don’t want to buy a pair of UGGs when it’s quite literally been 100 degrees outside for two weeks straight, but if you’ve really been thinking about getting a pair, now’s the time to. Every color, style, and size is currently in stock — something absolutely unheard of come mid-September—and they’re sure to be one of the most coveted items of the cold-weather season again. They’re sure to last you for years to come, and we can confidently say that the “trend” is here to stay.

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You know how often you throw on your buckle Birkenstock sandals in the summer? In the fall, you’ll do the same but with the clogs. They were impossible to get your hands on past August last year, but you still have a chance to add them to your cart now, and wear them on repeat all season long.

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A great pair of leather booties is an easy way to upgrade an outfit in the most subtle way. I scoured the internet for a pair of leather booties mid-February, and there were absolutely none to be found. Do yourself a favor and buy them now, because come February when you need a great shoe to put a little pep in your step, you’ll be wishing you had bought these when you still had the chance.

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A quality sweater is a game-changer come the colder months. With fall trends already starting to trickle on to the scene, we’re keeping our eye on ’90s-style knits that are sure to be a hot commodity come cold weather.

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The quiet luxury trend is bound to seep into fall and winter trends this year, which means last year’s obsession with V-neck cardigans is sure to be back. Arguably a little bit “school-uniform chic,” a V-neck cardigan looks phenomenal buttoned up over a high-neck shirt or unbuttoned to show off some skin when paired with a square-neck top. This year, I’m loving V-neck cardigans with large bell sleeves to give my outfit dimension.

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Are we just like the stars, or are they just like us? Taylor Swift has been spotted numerous times this summer wearing a cute little pair of leather loafers, showing us that loafers aren’t reserved for the cool months—but they definitely sell out once they come around. She’s partial to G.H. Bass loafers, which come in an array of colors and styles ready to be worn all fall long.

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One indisputable fact in life is that a trench coat will always be there for you. A trench coat is one of those rare pieces of clothing that work with any style of outfit. Sporty, chic, casual, dressy—a trench can make it better. They’re known to sell out fast come fall since they’re great transitional pieces, so if you see one in your size now, you’ll want to bite the bullet.

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Quilted patterns have been seen on anything and everything lately, from tote bags to purses to even shoes. However, if we had to pick our favorite quilted piece, the award goes to coats. Quilted coats are an elevated swap for your usual transitional jacket, and are versatile enough to be worn on repeat.