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5 Places to Get Knitting Supplies for Your Business

Jul 23, 2023

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Knitting is a skill not everyone can master and is a great way to make money. Knowing where to get quality supplies to help take your craft to the next level can be challenging. From knit socks and unique stitches to high-quality tools, we will show you wholesalers and retailers that have everything needed to bring your projects to life. Let’s get started!

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The knitting industry in 2022 is experiencing a surge of creativity and innovation. Knitters are not only using traditional tools like the tapestry needle to create a more intricate pattern, but they are also using new technologies. Whether creating custom fashion or experimenting with bold designs, knitters everywhere are discovering ways to make their work truly unique.

If you’re an avid knitter looking for the best places to buy high-quality knitting supplies like double-pointed needles, circular needles, cable needles, and straight needles, look no further. In this guide, we’ll highlight the top places where you can score the best knitting supplies to help you create your next masterpiece.

The biggest e-commerce platform and technology service provider is Amazon. This makes it a great place to shop for all of your knitting supplies.

Etsy, Inc. is a US-based online marketplace that specializes in facilitating the buying and selling of handmade, vintage, and craft-related products. If you are looking for something unique Etsy is for you.

If your preference is a contemporary take on classic fiber arts with gorgeous materials and complimentary patterns, Purl Soho has what you need.

Blick Art Materials is an art supply business that is family-owned and operates both as a retailer and through catalog sales. It is also a leading provider of art supplies in the United States.

Darn Good Yarn’s online store offers a wide range of yarn and yarn-related products, as well as clothing and home goods.

As a knitting enthusiast, two must-have supplies are tapestry needles and stitch markers or a stitch holder. These handy tools assist with creating clean edges and keeping track of project progress. Those aren’t the only must-haves though. Let’s talk about a few.

Contrasting yarn can add depth and interest to any knitting or crochet project. By pairing different colors or textures, the finished piece can have a unique and eye-catching look. Check out this 48-piece yarn kit from Instacraft on Amazon.

Proper measurements are important for most knitting projects. You can find this colorful 5-pack by iBayam on Amazon for a great price.

A sharp pair of scissors is a great tool to have on hand when you are working with yarn. This 3 pack from Amazon Basics will keep your cuts sharp.

Good tapestry needles are useful when you are weaving together two sections of color and you don’t want to damage the yarn or you need to clean up a dropped stitch. You can find this 10-pack by KYUEWRT on Amazon.

All of those little stitches can be hard to keep track of but a good stitch marker, also known as stitch holders can be a big help. This 60-count set is a great buy at the GlobalBackyard store on Etsy.

If you’re a business owner in the knitting industry, it’s important to have the best knitting tools to help you create high-quality products efficiently. From the essential knitting tools like knitting needles, yarn threader, and stitch markers to other knitting tools such as blocking mats, yarn bobbins, a yarn holder, and row counters, having the right equipment can make a huge difference in your knitting process. In this article, we’ll explore the best knitting tools for businesses, and why they’re essential for success.

Knitting needles are an indispensable tool for any knitting business. Knitting needles come in different sizes, lengths, and materials, each with its own unique qualities. Investing in high-quality needles can greatly contribute to the efficiency, speed, and comfort of the knitter, resulting in a more productive and profitable business.

Crochet hooks come in different sizes, materials, and shapes, each designed for specific crochet techniques such as picking up dropped stitches and projects. Investing in high-quality crochet hooks can greatly improve the speed, accuracy, and comfort of the knitter. Choosing the right crochet hook is crucial to ensure the finished product meets the desired quality standards of your business.

A knitting bag is an essential accessory for any knitting business, as it provides a practical and functional way to transport and organize knitting supplies. Knitting bags come in different shapes, sizes, and materials, with features such as compartments, pockets, and straps that cater to the specific needs of the knitter. Using a knitting bag ensures that supplies remain tidy and accessible, prevents damage to delicate items, allows for easy transport to and from knitting projects or events, and can make a positive impression on customers and contribute to the branding and marketing of the business.

A yarn bowl is a type of pottery bowl used to hold a ball of yarn while knitting or crocheting. It typically has a curved cutout that guides the yarn smoothly through the bowl’s opening, preventing it from tangling or rolling around. Yarn bowls are essential to a knitting business as they provide convenience and organization to knitters while keeping their workspace neat and tidy and are an excellent choice for any knitting business.

A needle gauge is a necessary tool for any knitting business to ensure that its products remain high-quality and meet customer demands. It helps in ensuring that the sizes of knitting needles are accurate, which is crucial for the accuracy of the knitted item and ensuring the stitches and the tension of the knitter are consistent.

In order for your new project to be successful, certain tools besides yarn and knitting needles are essential. However, there is no denying that yarn and knitting needles are the most important knitting essentials for any knitter.

To knit a cozy blanket, all that’s required are ample supplies of yarn, a suitable needle set, and a generous amount of time. With an abundance of knitting patterns available, you can select the perfect one to suit your preferences, or some knitters prefer to knit a plain blanket with no particular design in mind.

Hobby Lobby has tons of selections to choose from. With many different colors and textures, as well as great prices it easily the yarn store to shop for your yarn and patterns.

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