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The 9 Best Knitting Kits

Jun 14, 2023


Everything you need to create fun projects from beginner to advanced.

Thanks to YouTube tutorials, anyone can learn to knit — but because there are all kinds of stitches, yarn sizes, and needle thicknesses, it helps to have a starting point. The best knitting kits give you everything you need (and in some cases more) in one fell swoop, so you can jump right in. That said, before you add anything to your cart, be sure that the project and the difficulty level are right for you.

If you’re a beginner, you’re in luck: There are a handful of great learn-to-knit kits on Amazon. Because the difficulty level goes hand-in-hand with the project, these will teach you basic stitches and provide you with the tools you’ll need to create easy, straightforward items, like washcloths, scarves, and even a blanket.

All-in-one kits for intermediate or advanced knitters, on the other hand, are rarer — but they do exist. Below, you’ll find a beanie, an open-ended kit that can work for a handful of online patterns, and a reversible backpack project for Harry Potter fans. (You can also find some more advanced projects in the gallery at the bottom of the article.)

If you’re just starting out, this CraftLab knitting kit gives you everything you need to learn the skill and make some cool stuff: namely a scarf, fingerless gloves, and a little bunny. It also includes wooden knitting needles, a yarn threader, and easy-to-follow instructions — but if you’re a more visual learner, you’ll also get access to video tutorials. Unfortunately, the wool yarn only comes in one color: Teal blue.

One Reviewer Wrote: “Great way to pick up a new hobby. The instructional videos were excellent in walking you through the steps to learn to knit. I was frustrated at first, but the book reassures you that you will make mistakes and it just takes practice. It was a lot of fun!”

Project: Scarf, fingerless gloves, bunny | Difficulty Level: Beginner | Set Includes: 4 balls of yarn (wool), wooden knitting needles, threading needle, photo illustration booklet, access to online video tutorials

For less than $25, the mindfulknits beginner’s kit includes four balls of 100% cotton knitting yarn, a threading needle, and circular bamboo knitting needles. The set comes in your choice of three color themes: Tropical, Flora, and Zen (all in the listing above). While the booklet and the online video tutorials walk you through making a washcloth, you can easily use the leftover yarn, the in-the-round needles, and the knitting fundamentals you’ve learned to make a hat or a coffee mug sleeve.

One Reviewer Wrote: “Good value. I bought this kit to learn how to knit. The yarn is really nice and the needles are easy to use. If you go to their website, you can learn the basics and they even show you how to make your first project.”

Project: Washcloths (with yarn leftover) | Difficulty Level: Beginner to advanced | Set Includes: 4 balls of yarn (cotton), circular bamboo knitting needles, threading needle, access to online tutorials

It’s on the pricey side, but according to more than 100 five-star ratings, this Luckies of London Ltd Calm Club knitting kit is worth it. You’ll make what reviewers say is a “lovely blanket” created with chunky gray-blue yarn and wooden knitting needles. The whole kit is sourced from recycled products, making it as eco-friendly as it is fun. While the guide teaches you the basics, some reviewers say it’s a little confusing, so total beginners may want to try an easier project first.

One Reviewer Wrote: “Beautifully packaged, I like the yarn which a mix of mostly acrylic and wool. The yarn feels soft but I like the mix, as it does not itch. 9mm needles included. The blanket pattern uses pearl and knit stitch, but I like a modern chunky look blanket, so I may garter stitch the lot. Delightful Buy! Makes a lovely gift.”

Project: Chunky-knit blanket | Difficulty Level: Beginner to intermediate | Set Includes: 7 balls of chunky-knit yarn (wool and acrylic), bamboo knitting sticks, instruction guide

Who says beginner projects have to be boring? The Spinning Hand’s learn-to-knit kit is anything but — it comes with everything you need to make an eye-catching rainbow scarf. You’ll get self-striping machine-washable yarn, bamboo knitting needles, a 100-page e-book, access to a 15-minute tutorial video, and a free project bag (handmade from upcycled sari fabric by women in the MSK collective in India).

One Reviewer Wrote: “This beautiful beginner’s knitting kit was recommended to me as a gift for my mother’s 90th birthday. She is excited to take up a new craft and will bring other friends into her project!”

Project: Rainbow scarf | Difficulty Level: Beginner to intermediate | Set Includes: 1 ball of yarn (wool), bamboo knitting needles, project bag, e-book instruction guide, access to a video tutorial

If you’re purchasing a gift for a child (or a child at heart), this Creativity For Kids kit is the way to go. Choose between six awesome knitting projects: Pocket Scarf, Button Scarf, Hat & Cup Cozy, Hat Not Hate, Headbands, or Unicorn Plushie (all in the above listing). It contains everything they’ll need, including yarn, tools, step-by-step instructions, and a follow-along video. With an overall 4.6-star rating from more than 2,000 reviewers, it’s easily the most popular knitting kit on Amazon.

One Reviewer Wrote: “We bought this for our eight-year-old granddaughter for Christmas. She immediately dropped all other gifts to begin working on a knitting project with this loom! It knits in a circle and so is ideal for making hats or small purses.”

Project: Pocket Scarf (other options available) | Difficulty Level: Beginner to expert | Set Includes: 3 balls of yarn (acrylic), plastic knitting needles, plastic darning needle, embroidered patch, needle threader, cardstock gift tag, step-by-step instructions, access to video tutorials

Available in midnight blue or lavender, this chunky beanie kit gives you everything you’ll need to create a new, cozy pom-pom hat. Just pick up your thick, wooden circular knitting needles and acrylic yarn and scan the code on the package: You’ll be sent to a video tutorial that’ll walk you through the whole project. (While it’s supposedly a learn-to-knit kit, some reviewers report that it’s a little challenging for complete beginners.)

One Reviewer Wrote: “I'm so excited to finish my hat. I've been really stressed lately and I'm finding so much joy and tranquility in this project. I'm new to knitting but with tutorials and guides I'm picking this craft up faster than I thought!”

Project: Chunky beanie | Difficulty Level: Intermediate | Set Includes: 2 balls of yarn (acrylic), circular wooden knitting needles, threading needle, scannable video tutorial

While it’s not a learn-to-knit set because it won’t walk you through the stitches, this chunky baby blanket kit is pretty simple thanks to its fluffy, oversized yarn and thick knitting needles. Once you’re done, you’ll have a plush and washable blanket (42 by 42 inches) to gift to your favorite child. The set also includes plenty of extras like crochet needles, measuring tape, and scissors. Choose from silver, multi-color blue, or black.

One Reviewer Wrote: “I loved that this kit includes everything that you may need to start a crochet or knitted project! The yarn is extremely soft and superior to other blanket yarns.”

Project: Baby blanket | Difficulty Level: Intermediate | Set Includes: 2 balls of yarn (material unclear), wooden circular knitting needles, 2 crochet hooks, 3 blunt metal needles, 1 measuring tape, embroidery scissors, 10 pins, instructions on label

This officially licensed Eaglemoss Hero Collector Hogwarts kit lets you knit your own reversible, functional Gryffindor backpack. While both sides have the lion sigil, one has a maroon background with gold detailing, while the other has a gold background with maroon detailing. While it comes with all of the essentials, the thin needles and advanced stitches are best for a more experienced knitter. (If you love Harry Potter but you’re not quite ready for such an advanced project, the brand offers other knitting kits for all of the houses, like socks and scarves.)

Project: Reversible Gryffindor backpack | Difficulty Level: Advanced | Set Includes: 6 balls of yarn (material unclear), 2 knitting needles, threading needle, instruction booklet

If all of these projects intimidate you and you’ve never even held a knitting needle, don’t worry: Reviewers have called this Thoughtful Stitch Make Your Own Dishcloth kit “very easy” thanks to the “simple instructions” and “basic techniques.” The project couldn't get any easier: You’ll be making square dishcloths with cotton yarn. The guide teaches you four unique knitting styles that will build upon each other to help develop your skills as you go. By the time you’re done, you’ll have six new dishcloths and you’ll be ready for something more advanced.

One Reviewer Wrote: “Bought this as a complete beginner, I wanted to make something easy as my first project so this was perfect, not overwhelming and ended up with a useful item!”

Project: Dishcloths | Difficulty Level: Beginner | Set Includes: 3 balls of yarn (cotton), 2 bamboo knitting needles, 1 yarn needle, directions

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