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How to glow up your school uniform

Aug 05, 2023

We would guess that every girl has a different opinion on school uniforms: Some love the simplicity of not needing to choose a new outfit every day, while others feel like their plaid skirts and sweater vests restrict their fashion freedom.

Love 'em or hate 'em, some girls still have to wear 'em. And if that's you, we've got all the tips (from uniform pros, ofc) on turning your daily attire into something that truly expresses your style.

From the all-girls high school grad:

I loved my school uniform. It was something all of us girls shared, and in a sense, it made us more connected. After all these years, I still keep my school uniform because it's so sentimental to me.

Of the *many* things I learned being surrounded by girls every day, I learned a lot about making a school uniform a little less plain—and a little more personalized.

Tip 1: Jewelry

If your school allows, jewelry is both the easiest and most effective way to accessorize your uniform. Earrings are a good go-to: Pair a pearl stud with a silver cubic zirconia, or opt for a dangly pair if you're feeling more daring. Stack your wrist with bracelets and scrunchies, then pick a standout necklace—perhaps a seashell choker or a star pendant.

Tip 2: Socks

If you can choose your own socks, take that freedom as an opportunity to creatively express yourself. In my school days, girls would wear socks in varying designs, colors, patterns and textures. Yes, that means we wore fuzzy socks in the wintertime with our boat shoes.

Tip 3: Skirt hem pins


It was also pretty common in my school for girls to place pins on the hems of their skirts. Some of these pins were merely there for fashion purposes, but some were also for causes close to the girl's heart (i.e. a ribbon honoring a nonprofit organization they love).

From the uniform employee extraordinaire:

Working in a uniform store has allowed me to see both the highs and lows of the uniform shopping experience. But whatever you may think of your school's uniform, let go of that feeling of being stuck in one thing every day. You just need to look in the right direction...


Tip 1: Hair accessories

Flynn O'Hara Uniforms, $9.75

Think about it. Whoever said plaid was boring? Wouldn't that headband just make the *cutest* addition to your uniform?

Look for a headband to match the pattern, or even color, of your fit. And if that isn't your vibe, there are just endless options for your hair. Many scrunchies and hair ties could match your skirt, or you could even just grab a few ribbons or barrettes.


Tip 2: Blazer pins & ribbons

Blazer pins and ribbons are not only a pretty addition to your school jacket, but they're also a wonderful way to advocate for a cause important to you. Different colored ribbons represent various causes to bring awareness to, like we mentioned with the skirt hem pins.

At my school, girls put pins on their blazers for different clubs they join, events they participate in or just for aesthetic purposes— little stars, their fave video game or show characters and inspirational quotes.

And ofc, if your school is especially strict about those pins and ribbons, decorate your backpack, lunchbox or lanyard with them instead.

Tip 3: Simply explore your options

You wouldn't believe the options you have within your school's designated uniform alone. That's why it's important to ask your school, the uniform store employee or other students about what you can wear.

For example, some schools have multiple options for sweaters and jackets that can be worn interchangeably: a cardigan, a quarter-zip, a full-zip, a V-neck and a button-down all for the same purpose.

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From the all-girls high school grad:Tip 1: JewelryTip 2: SocksTip 3: Skirt hem pins From the uniform employee extraordinaire: Tip 1: Hair accessoriesTip 2: Blazer pins & ribbonsTip 3: Simply explore your optionsNeed some outfit inspo for your weekends? Check out these posts:8/24/2023THISOur Back-to-School Beauty Checklist ✅Click hereSTUFFWIN! Back-to-School Beauty BagEnter to win here!