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Best Storage Bins 2023

May 26, 2023

When it comes to keeping your home feeling organized and functional, the humble storage bin is your most indispensable tool. Designed to corral anything that’s cluttering your living space—out-of-season clothes, books or extra sheets—the best storage bins are essential to maintaining order in your home. Our favorite option on the market is the Iris Weathertight Tote, a clear plastic storage bin with a lid that latches securely, though that’s not the only container we’d rely on to keep our most treasured items protected and safely stowed.

Our top pick overall is the Iris Weathertight Tote, a clear plastic storage bin that locks securely.

Before you dive headfirst into the expansive storage solution market, start by considering where you want your future bins to live in your space. “If you don’t plan to keep them out of plain sight, an eye towards aesthetics is equally important as functionality,” says professional organizer Caroline Solomon. For example, rather than opting for practical plastic bins, you might seek out stylish rattan or wicker baskets. For those who want to keep their bins tucked away in a closet, then durability is likely more important than appearance. Also, keep in mind that the deeper away a container is stored, the more important it is that the bin is clear (to easily identify what you want to find) and well-secured (to prevent pests from entering the bin). Latching bins can also prevent moisture accumulation, which is especially useful if you’re storing your containers in a basement or attic.

With those pointers in mind, here are the absolute best storage bins to create order in your home.


Sizes: 6.5 to 156 quarts | Material: Plastic

If you’re looking for a classic, versatile container to store everything from cleaning supplies to old files, the Iris Weathertight Tote is our top pick overall. Made of durable clear plastic you can easily see through, this winning option excels at keeping out water and humidity, thanks to its four secure latches and foam gasket in the lid. More about that lid: It’s reinforced, meaning you can stack multiple bins atop one another without worrying about them buckling. But the best part? The bin comes in tons of sizes, ranging in capacity from 6.5 to 156 quarts. Whatever you need to store, the Weathertight Tote is up to the task.


Size: 56 quarts | Material: Plastic

Storage bins are essential in college dorms, where space tends to be limited. More often than not, the best place to stow away bins is under the bed, which is why this Sterilite set is our favorite option for dorm living. Sold in a packs of four, eight and 12, these slim plastic containers are wheeled, making them a breeze to roll in and out from under the bed. Increasing their overall accessibility, the bins feature hinging lids, meaning you only need to open one side to access their contents. And if you really need to maximize your storage space, the lids on the bins are recessed for easy stacking.


Sizes: 0.3 to 2.1 quarts | Material: Plastic

While you can always keep dry goods like pasta and flour stored in their original packaging, you run the risk of those foods going prematurely stale or attracting bugs. To extend the shelf life of your dry goods, it’s wise to store them in airtight containers. In particular, we love the massively popular OXO Good Grips Five-Piece Pop Container Set, which includes pieces in a variety of sizes with push-button lids that lock out moisture. The five-piece set comes with one 2.1-quart container, one 1.5-quart container, two 0.9-quart containers and one 0.3-quart container, all of which are stackable and dishwasher safe. Another nice perk: The buttons on the lids can double as handles.

Crate & Barrel

Size: 13 x 17 x 9.5 inches | Material: Rattan

If you’re planning to keep your storage container in plain sight, then you probably want it to add to your décor (or at the very least, you don’t want it to be an eyesore). For its stylish, durable construction, this handwoven rattan basket from Crate & Barrel is a winning option. Featuring rounded corners and sturdy cutout handles, the Sedona Tote is perfect for storing bath towels, throw blankets or records. If you’re not drawn to classic honey color, the lacquered tote also comes in grey, black and white, as well as additional sizes.

The Container Store

Sizes: 10 to 20 quarts | Material: Recycled plastic

You don’t have to worry about your out-of-season clothes developing a musty scent when stowed away in a Smartstore White Nordic Storage Basket. Made of recycled plastic, this container—which comes in clear, white, black and charcoal—features holes for ventilation and integrated handles for easy lifting. While the container doesn’t come with a lid, you can easily purchase one separately from The Container Store; pick from two chic options, natural bamboo or black bamboo. And if you purchase multiple baskets, they can nest inside each other when not in use.


Sizes: 39 x 20 x 6 inches | Material: Plastic, polypropylene fabric

Under-bed storage containers are great if you live in a dorm or an apartment with roommates and you want to keep your treasured items nearby but out of sight. We’re fans of this two-piece set from Onlyeasy, which includes two soft-sided bags that allow you to really maximize your storage space. Built around a sturdy plastic frame that holds its shape, these breathable fabric bags are ideal for storing clothes, linens or other items that benefit from ventilation. Other nice perks: The zippered bags feature see-through top panels that make it easy to see what’s inside, plus handles on their fronts and sides. When not in use, the bags can be folded flat to save space.


Sizes: 3 to 50 gallons | Material: Plastic

Rubbermaid makes some of the most durable, long-lasting storage solutions out there, and the trusted brand’s Roughneck Storage Tote is no exception. Made from impact-resistant polyethylene plastic, this bin won’t easily crack or warp—in fact, it can tolerate temperatures ranging from 0 to 110 degrees. To protect your items from dust and bugs, each bin comes with a secure snap-on lid that’s recessed, making the container stackable. And if you ever need to move your bin around, built-in handles make the task a cinch.

While storage containers come in all different materials, plastic is the most common, and with good reason: Affordable yet durable, the best plastic storage bins excel at protecting your items against bugs, dust and moisture. If you want to easily identify the contents without having to open the lid each time, then a clear plastic container is your best bet. When shopping, Solomon recommends looking for plastic containers with latching lids, which keep the top secured to the base. If you’re not concerned with keeping pests out or you plan to store the bin in a closet (as opposed to the garage), though, then a plastic container with a snap-fit lid should work just fine.

That depends on your organization goals. If you’re more aesthetically minded and prefer the sight of streamlined bins in a single color, it probably doesn’t make sense to invest in clear bins; because you can see through them, clear containers can look messy and visually distracting given the randomness of their contents.

If you don’t care so much about the appearance of your storage bins, then clear containers are the way to go. “Clear storage bins are an excellent choice if you don’t feel like labeling all your boxes and are an ‘out of sight out of mind’ kind of person,” says Solomon. “Storing your items in clear bins is a total no-brainer if you have a hard time keeping track of items in opaque bins.” Clear bins are also great if you’re storing the containers in a basement or storage unit, as they allow you to see and access items quickly and easily.

If you want to protect your items from bugs, you can’t go wrong with storing them in a clear plastic container. “While plastic is not an ideal material in terms of sustainability, it lasts forever and will keep all manner of bugs out, including bed bugs,” she says. If you don’t want to go with plastic bins, vacuum-sealed bags like these from Ziploc are another excellent option. Not only do they provide a barrier between your clothes and bugs, says Solomon, but their airless interior is inhospitable to bugs.

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