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Add These Ugly Anime Sweaters to Your Christmas List

Jul 23, 2023

Anime fans, look no further; your ugly Christmas sweater is available for pre-order now, and trust us when we say they are UGLY.

Ugly Christmas sweaters are a popular Christmas tradition around the world, with the ugliest and most interesting sweaters being sought after by people every year. They used to be ironically ugly, but these days, many companies make intentionally ugly sweaters for this specific market. While they used to always have a Christmas motif, more recently ugly Christmas sweaters have also had pop culture themes, and this year a shop in Japan is releasing intentionally ugly anime sweaters.

Earlier this month, Village Vanguard announced pre-orders have opened up for their new ugly Christmas sweaters, all from Yu Yu Hakusho. The sweaters have been designed to be intentionally very ugly, and that is exactly how they are being marketed. They are all done in a retro style, too, really completing the theme of "ugly Christmas sweater" entirely.

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There are five sweater designs in total, featuring five characters. Yusuke is on the first, and is also the most subtly an anime sweater, showing him using his powers in a fight with Suzaku but from a distance. Hiei, Kurama, Kuwabara, and the Toguro Brothers all have their own designs as well, but are close-ups of their faces. They leave little to no doubt that what you are wearing is an anime ugly sweater, but if that is what you are looking for, they are all solid choices.

All three of the sweaters are priced at ¥14,300 ($98 USD) each, which is not a bad price for such a unique item. They are all advertised as being warm and soft, making them perfect for a cold winter's day. Plus, while all the designs are definitely great for being ugly Christmas sweaters, none of the motifs are so obviously Christmas that you can only wear them in December. They can be enjoyed all winter long!

One of the best features of these sweaters is that they are being advertised as being intentionally ugly! All the press and advertising for them describe the whole series as flashy and ugly - and with a hint of sarcasm, cool. There is something to be said for an item that is that honest, and is made with the intention of being horrible right from the start - and somehow that is all the more charming.

The sweaters are all available for pre-order now until September 7th, and will be shipped out in November or December, so you can definitely get it in time for the holiday season. They can be ordered via Village Vanguard's official website here. They are undeniably conversation starters, so if you have been waiting for the perfect ugly sweater and are a fan of Yu Yu Hakusho, look no further.

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Source: PR Times

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